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Tank Men

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App Description

The next era arcade tank game for everyone is here! Choose your tankman from the three unique groups with its unique specialities. Fast paced tank actions, shake your mobile device to switch between the normal weapon and the special firing mode, take out your enemies with your tankman's special firing power which includes corner flame thrower, laser ranger and ejected robot from the campaign mode to the arena mode.

Three brand new fighting modes included in the arena mode :
Kill Confirm mode : beat your enemy and ride over him to take his tag and confirm your victory;
Dead Light mode : survive from the laser killer while hitting your rival hard;
Portal mode : tankmen will be teleported to different locations randomly in each interval;

1. Polished cartoonic graphics with an unique art style
2. Cartoonic tankmen with customizable weapon systems
3. 30 levels with 4 game modes in the Arena mode to challenge your highly skilled individual opponent to mark your name on the global tankman ranking network, 90 levels in campaign mode to fight against massive amount of AIs.
4. 3 unique tankmen with unique special firing power on it own to choose from
5. 6 regular weapons to choose
6. More than 20 types of AI to hunt down