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There’s No Place Like Space!: All About Our Solar System

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App Description

★ Included in Best Science Apps for Kids - Common Sense Media

★ "A whole new level of interactivity and education!" - Blog Critics

★ Highly recommended for teachers, parents and caregivers – such a great tool! - Best Apps for Kids

★ Top 5 in Paid Education Apps on the App Store - Nov 2011

★ Editor's Choice Award - Children's Technology Review
★ A+ for Educational Value - Common Sense Media
★ Recommended App - Parents’ Choice Awards

There's No Place Like Space! kicks off an exciting new series of animated omBooks from The Cat in the Hat's Learning Library. Children can follow along as the Cat in the Hat takes Sally and Dick on a trip though the solar system, visiting each planet and learning fun facts along the way.

As children explore this animated omBook, they will discover special interactive learning moments that reinforce specific topics. Users can tap stars in the sky to reveal constellations; learn the order of the planets in our solar system through a Seussian mnemonic device; search the night sky for planets using a telescope; find hidden information cards from Thing One and Thing Two; and even access an instant glossary by tapping on special highlighted words.

What kids are saying:
"My favorite part was when I looked through the telescope. I also liked it when it gave me a warning not to look at the sun.” (7 year-old boy)

“It was cool! I liked that it reads to you and explains all the stuff.” (10 year-old girl –English Language Learner)

“I like that it told you about the planets and how far they are from the sun. I learned that some planets are very far away and get very cold!” (7 year-old girl)

Aimed at children ages five to eight, The Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library is a nonfiction series that appeals to children’s natural curiosity and engages them in the process of scientific exploration and discovery. The titles explore a range of subjects, including dinosaurs, pets, marine life, trees and outer space and feature classic characters from the original The Cat in the Hat — The Cat, Sally, Dick, Things One and Thing Two, and even the fish!

New features introduced in this omBook include animated objects, an instant glossary and interactive learning games. To promote reading in young children, individual words are highlighted as the story is read and words zoom up when pictures are touched. By combining the original text and artwork with features that educate, entertain and promote reading, this omBook appeals to readers of all ages.

Recommended Ages: 5 - 10

This app only supports iOS 3.2 (and higher) and iPod 3G and iPhone3GS (and newer) devices.

Two ways to read this omBook (Oceanhouse Media digital book):
★ "Read to Me" — listen to the narrated story with words highlighted as they are read. still allowing you to explore the interactiveness.
★ "Read it Myself" — read the book in its traditional form and explore the interactive qualities

Additional Features:
★ Picture / Word association — words zoom up and are spoken when pictures are touched

★ Tap on glossary words throughout the story and learn their meaning

★ Interact with the animated objects on each page

★ Professional audio narration

★ Custom background audio for each scene

★ This 'Universal App' is optimized for Retina displays and the iPad

★ Pages pan & zoom to accentuate the original artwork