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Three Defenders

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App Description

Three Defenders is an action, castle defense type of game available on Android platform. Choose one of the three unique characters: Ranger, Mage or Engineer. Each character gives you a different set of abilities and weapons as well as a different gameplay!

Ranger relies on leveling up passive skills that increase attributes of the character. Mage is for more demanding players that want more interaction with the game. You need to buy better spells and keep upgrading spells that you already have. Be aware that you can only use 4 spells during the game, so choose your own strategy! Engineer is like a character in the middle. You buy and upgrade turrets that help you to defend your castle.

You are adventurer that is looking for some gold. On your way you find that villages are being raided by waves of savage monsters that seek blood and shiny coins. Villagers offer you gold for a help. You become a defender!

Explore the world! World of the game consists of 58 villages that are levels. Each level has 5 waves to complete. Once level is completed new villages are unlocked. World is non-linear, so you decide which way you want to go! There are 6 unique environments with uniquely designed music in the background to make the game even more immersive.

- 3 unique characters to play
- 6 unique environments
- Non linear world. You choose which path to go.
- 58 levels to complete
- 59 weapons to buy and upgrade.
- 28 skills to buy and upgrade.
- 31 unique monsters
- 6 uniquely designed soundtracks