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Three Little Figs

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App Description

Remixed Fairy Tales: The Three Little Figs

The Three Little Figs: A Fruity Tale of Mischief and Trickery offers a refreshing look at the classic tale, The Three Little Pigs. Filled with new rhymes and characters, this interactive story stars three little figs and a very mischievous gopher. Instead of ‘huffing and puffing,’ the Gopher uses wit to lure the figs out of their house. But one of the figs is one step ahead of the gopher! See what happens in this hilarious remake of a classic children’s tale. The story was written by David Hollaway and illustrated by Eric Weldon.

“Fig Number One, Fig Number One, can we please have some fun? Surely a gopher with eyes this bright and teeth this white, could only be a magnificent delight, ” the Gopher said.

"But the vegetables are having a party and have asked that you come, my old chum! Tomatoes, Potatoes, Carrots, and Beets will all be dancing in the streets," the Gopher said.

* Read – Has animated characters for greater interactivity. Tap the screen to hear the narrator read in over 5 different character voices
* Watch – The app will read to the child while the fully animated story displays in the background
* Animated Scenes – High quality animated scenes and characters for more interactivity
* Behind the Scenes page with original sketches from the illustrator
* Story is professionally narrated
* Discussion topics – Comes with discussion topics to help with reading comprehension. The topics include instructions for what to do and discuss before, during, and after the story

* Increased reading comprehension
* Increase listening skills
* Enhanced reading experience
* Writing - story starter for fracture fairy tales

* Boys and girls ages 3 to 9
* Lovers of fractured fairy tales!

4 to 8


Beware of strangers, listening to your parents

Creative writing, fractured fairy tales

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1. There are over 100 types of gophers in the United States.
2. Gophers like to build underground tunnels. Gophers like to be alone; only one gopher can be found in a tunnel system.
3. Gophers carry their food in cheek pouches.
4. A fig tree can grow as high as 50 feet.
5. Figs are harvested in the late summer and early fall.
6. The fig grows best in dryer warm temperate climates.

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