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App Description

Category:Social Networking
Share your activities and find friends anywhere in the world! TimeShare is a new a type of social network that connects people based on their location, interests, habits and hobbies.

Connecting is easy! Simply share your daily activities and/or moments to start connecting with similar people near you and world wide. Here's how:

1. Select your location
2. Select time and length of activity
3. Describe the activity
4. You're done! Start browsing other individuals doing the same activity and start a chat!

At TimeShare we believe social networks shouldn't close you off from the world. Open up possibilities and meet new people.
It's fun, free and sign up is a breeze! Download & Try TimeShare Today!

Example: You are at a concert and you're wondering who's doing the same thing at the same place. Just post it on TimeShare and you will get the answer.

Example: You are on a trip sitting somewhere around the city drinking a cup of tea
not knowing anyone nearby but feeling like knowing who is doing the exact
thing at the same place or a place nearby. Just share your time on TimeShare
and choose for how many minutes, hours, days you will be at the posted place
within a defined radius to meet people nearby.

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