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TripGo City Transit

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App Description

Planning your ride through the city is a whole lot easier with TripGo! You can choose the most efficient, fastest, or cheapest route with our real-time city transit app.

"This intelligent trip-planning app helps you travel smarter." - Ecopreneurist

We’re the only app combining public transit (bus, train, ferry, tram, subway, metro) with private and other transport options such as taxi, Uber, shuttle services, car routes and car sharing, motorbike, cycle routes, bike sharing and walking.

Starting by train but then need a cab? We’ll factor that in for you. Leaving on your bike and need a car share later? No problem for us. Tell us your preferences and we’ll present the best options for you.

With TripGo you can plan your route, check timetables and get live service alerts. One of our best features: Connect your calendar to get automatic trips & leave alerts.

"A must have app!!!"
"I can't thank you enough for this app!"
"You have improved my life, can't rave enough!"
"Should be 6 stars"

"The really nice thing is that TripGo doesn’t lock you in to one transport mode or preference. You can choose the most efficient, fastest, or cheapest route." - Planetsave

2012: Winner of Optus/NICTA Award
2012: Winner of Transport for NSW App Hot House (buses)
2013: Winner of Transport for NSW App Hot House (trains)
2013: Finalist of QLD Premier's Award for Open Data in 2013
2014: Winner of CodeWorks NSW Roads Hackathon

+ Real-time information for public transport (live map): tap on stops and stations to see real-time schedules. Click on a route to see positions of the vehicle, live on the map.
+ Door-to-door options for easy comparison on price, time and environmental impact
+ Automatically plans trips between home, work and events in your calendar
+ Today Widget for instant trip results
+ Apple Watch with instant trip results and access to your favourites
+ Public transport schedules/timetables
+ Reminders: add a reminder to your trip and the app will notify when to leave
+ Pricing for public transport, taxis, tolls and car parks
+ Launch turn-by-turn navigation and ride sharing apps

United States:
+ New York City, NY [*]
+ Seattle, WA [*]
+ Portland, OR [*]
+ Phoenix, AZ
+ Los Angeles, CA [*]
+ Sacramento, CA
+ San Diego, CA
+ San Francisco, CA [*]
+ Santa Rosa, CA
+ Denver, CO (+ Boulder)
+ Washington, DC (+ Baltimore, MD) [*]
+ Miami, FL
+ Orlando, FL
+ Tampa, FL
+ Atlanta, GA [*]
+ Honolulu, HI
+ Chicago, IL
+ Louisville, KY [*]
+ Boston, MA [*]
+ Detroit, MI
+ Grand Rapids, MI
+ Minneapolis, MN (+ St. Paul)
+ Kansas City, MO
+ Saint Louis, MO
+ Las Vegas, NV
+ Buffalo, NY
+ Cincinnati, OH
+ Cleveland, OH
+ Columbus, OH
+ Philadelphia, PA
+ Pittsburgh, PA
+ Austin, TX (+ San Antonio) [*]
+ Dallas, TX (+ Fort Worth)
+ Houston, TX
+ Salt Lake City, UT
+ Madison, WI
+ Milwaukee, WI

+ Argentina: Bahia Blanca
+ Australia [*]
+ Brazil: Porto Alegre, Sao Paulo
+ Canada: Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Montreal [*], Ottawa, Quebec City, Toronto [*], Vancouver [*], Victoria, Winnipeg
+ Chile: Santiago
+ England: London, Manchester
+ Estonia
+ Finland [*]
+ France: Bordeaux, Nantes, Paris, Rennes, Strasbourg, Toulouse
+ Germany: Berlin, Hamburg, Potsdam
+ Hungary: Budapest
+ Ireland
+ Italy: Bologna, Milan, Palermo, Rome, Turin
+ Latvia: Riga
+ Mexico: Mexico City
+ Netherlands [*]
+ New Zealand [*]
+ Norway: Oslo
+ Portugal: Lisbon
+ Spain: Barcelona, Madrid
+ Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh City