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Tubby Tabby

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App Description


Meet Tubbs, the Tubby Tabby! Tubbs is on a mission to rid his house of the rat infestation one room at a time and needs your help. You see, Tubbs is counting on you to give him the speed and direction he needs to catch the pesky rats.

Control Tubbs the Tabby Cat by tapping and holding on your screen, pulling back and releasing. The farther back you pull, the faster Tubbs will fly! Get to the rat in as few attempts as you can. Tubbs' cat trees give him quite the speed boost, but the rugs in the house tend to slow him down. Tubbs also has the ability to show you the direction his is going with his fancy laser pointer, making the process of tracking rats that much easier!


Tap, pull back as far as you like and release to send Tubbs flying
You can take as many shots as you like, but try to get the rat in as few shots as you can
Cat trees provide a speed boost, and rugs will slow your speed considerably
A Menu button is provided on every screen to pause the game, or access options
A Map is provided to assist with navigation

* A message from the developer *

Thank you for checking out Tubby Tabby. Please feel free to check out the Tubby Tabby Facebook page, or our website for more information about us! This game is a family friendly title that we want people to truly enjoy because we really put our heart into this little game.

We made the conscious decision to leave out all advertising, and in app purchases so you can feel safe letting young children play the game without spending hundreds of dollars on unneeded DLC. To do this, we figured $0.99 would be a fair price. Thank you again for your support, please email us with any questions about our game!