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Underbelly Skirmish




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Category: Games


Underbelly Skirmish involves grimy lane-based strategy set in the murky depths of the Australian underworld. You can choose to be a Boss of the Rough Company or the Commander of a Special Task Force, a cop or a robber, to conquer the city or defend it, to change history or choose to repeat it.

Embrace dirty tactics in this cops-and-robbers-style lane-based strategy game. Explore the Melbourne underworld as a long campaign or just a quick skirmish. Deploy special items and powers and combine units in new ways to achieve your goals. Select your team, buy weapons, earn money and protect your turf. Battle in the streets, meth labs, and strip clubs as you strive for control of the city.

- Lane-based strategic game play
- 20 Levels of Campaign per Faction
- 10 units per faction

- 8 special Items
- ‘Quick Play’ mode for those that want to jump in and battle
- Special items and powers to enhance gameplay
- Unique ‘Unity’ feature
- combines weaker units to form a stronger single one!
- Re-Deploy Units from one lane into another in real-time tactical play
- HD Graphics for retina displays

Underbelly Skirmish is based on the critically successful Underbelly television series and produced by The Project Factory, Ephiphahy Games and Screentime.


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