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US Economy Tracker

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App Description

The US Economy Tracker for iPad app allows you to track the pulse of the US economy by putting actionable economic data at your fingertips.

If you are an investor, trader or student of economics this app is for you!


CALENDAR of key US economic data releases. The calendar helps keep users up to date by keeping track of key US economic data releases. Be prepared for the market! With the calendar, you can see when reports come out, fully research and chart indicators over time and manage market entry and exit. The calendar serves comprehensive organizational solution for investors to be prepared for market developments and key financial moves.

Release times auto adjusted for your LOCAL TIME ZONE! The US Economy Tracker release times are automatically adjusted for to local time zones and can be configured to show US and Eastern release times. US Economy Tracker will be an essential daily tool for those who travel frequently and want to keep a close watch on the market or their own investments.

Indicators are linked to CRISP INTERACTIVE CHARTS that allow tracking over several time horizons with optional Y-Axis transformations and recession overlay included for users to analyze data from various angles! For those looking for multiple ways to analyze data, indicators are linked to interactive charts that allow tracking over several time periods.

FEATURED list of indicators for quick index access. Featured set includes the most important indicators in the following categories: Business, Consumer, Employment, Fiscal, GDP components, Housing, Inflation and Trade

Releases link to FULL ECONOMIC REPORTS directly from the source along with information on how to interpret the indicator.

The app is beneficial for business persons, investors, traders and even economic students of economics. It offers users what they need: a continuously updated, trustworthy source of information in a simple and intuitive app.

This product uses the FRED® API but is not endorsed or certified by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.