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Vertical Cliff

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App Description

“Vertical Cliff” has dynamic rope action like you've never seen.

An adventurer, looking down the edge of the cliff, you choose to be either the man or the woman. The premise is simple: one rope, no problem. Now jump!
Literally hanging by a thread, you must search for the rumored Golden City.

There are 13 stages based on famous places from around the world. Between the natural elements, traps, and various monsters, it makes you wonder what they are truly guarding. Nothing is beyond your reach!

If you reach the Golden City, what will it look like? What beauty will it behold? Can you make it to the Golden City?
An adventurer who has entrusted his life to a rope – This is the adventurer’s story . . . and it begins with you.

Enjoy the Game
- All you need is one finger to play.
- When you want to jump, push and release in a good rhythmical fashion!
How to strengthen you character for better gameplay
- Your character’s growth depends on “status” and “skill.”
- Strengthening your character will allow you to escape the various gimmicks and traps!
Various parts of the game
- Treasure will fall before you reach the goal for each stage.
You can trade in the treasure for coins to strengthen your character.
- Each stage has 25 mission objectives.
Clearing each mission objective will allow you to unlock new stages as well as strengthen your character!
- Watch out! You touch the Danger Zone even once – Game Over!
World Rankings
One important element of the game is going up against adventurers from around the world. Where do you rank?

For each stage, your clearance rate will be recorded along with everyone else.
You will be able to see how adventurers from all over the world do in even the most difficult of stages.