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Vintage Time




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Category: Utilities


Presenting The Extraordinarily Wondrous Vintage Time App, a fascinating mechanical marvel. Gorgeous to look at, listen to and, be inspired by!

The Extraordinary Wondrous Vintage Time App takes you back to the golden age of clockworks, when watchmaking was an art and even a simple timepiece was a small treasure to be passed down from father to son, mother to daughter. A time when just winding a pocket watch or slipping a key into a mantel clock and turning it gently was something purposeful. The Extraordinary Wondrous Vintage Time App is not just a clock, it's a timepiece with six different features--a clock, timer, stopwatch, weather, outside temperature and date! Not just stunning to look at, but Immensely tactile--each time you swipe or tap, you'll hear gears, wheels, sprockets and more all making their unique mechanical sounds of time gone by. It's such a marvelous app that we are looking forward to receiving the Willy Wonka Award very soon :-)

★★★★★ FEATURE LIST ★★★★★

· A fully mechanical 12 hour clock

· An easy to use stopwatch

· A terrific timer for timing specific tasks

· Date and weather module, with outside temperature display

· Visually stunning and tactile

· Unique mechanical sounds


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