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VOICE: Chat and Share Locally!

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App Description

VOICE is a new free social media app that lets you chat and share with everyone or anyone around you. Whether you're online for dating, sharing photos, or just to meet new people and make friends, VOICE is the perfect network. Stop being limited to just your phonebook - start messaging text & photos to the world!

VOICE is not your parents' social media:
VOICE is unlike Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+. Instead of having to be friends with someone just to talk to them, your feed on VOICE is based on GPS. You can talk to everyone and anyone nearby instantly. Find new friends or even use VOICE as the chatroom for your conference or event. So stop sending friend requests or waiting for someone to follow you back before you can have a conversation - VOICE is already an instant network of everyone around you.

VOICE is international:
We already have users in 110 countries on 6 continents. VOICE is great for random chatting and meeting new people, but its also perfect for spreading viral news. Echo posts you see in the feed to increase their GPS range to be seen by a larger group of people. VOICE is on Android and iOS so share with your friends and have them download it too - VOICE is better with friends!

VOICE gets privacy:
It's your life - control your online footprint! We saw the issues that apps like Yik Yak, Whisper, and Secret ran into by making their users anonymous. On VOICE you have an identity, but you also have control over it. You can chat with people in public or private, in groups or individually. Your posts and friends list on your profile are private so only you can see them. The only way for people see your posts and photos is to be looking at the feed at the right moment. And just like Snapchat the messages you post in the feed disappear by themselves. This means that you can say whatever you want on VOICE just like Yik Yak, Whisper or Secret -- without having to be anonymous to protect your identity.

On VOICE social media can be social again. Say, Shout or Holler your thoughts to the world!