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What the Farm?!

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App Description

What the Farm is an exciting, high energy game where your fruit and vegetable pile is life, and hordes of pigs, aliens and other creatures are out to steal your precious stash one piece at a time.

* Endless hordes of hilarious characters out to steal your stash
* Powerups such as the Bacon Bomb to help on your adventure
* Boss battles: Keep your fruit safe from aliens and more!
* New pigs and characters being added frequently
* Many surprises await!

Use abilities to turn the horde into bacon, slow down time and refill your stash while increasingly difficult enemies appear as you progress through the levels.

Watch out when the stampede comes! Will you have enough coins to turn them all to bacon? Will you be fast enough to swipe them away? Or will you be forced to just watch as the last of your stash is taken from under your nose.

Download What the Farm, the endless pig flinging adventure today and join us as we continue to add new pigs, new levels, new bosses, and new ways to collect, power up, and laugh your way through the best new time killer on the app store.