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Musik Freedom

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App Description

Musik Freedom (1st Green-e® Marketplace Certified App) is a new media player app which is designed to augment the iPad default music player by packing in all of the features of that application and adding MORE FREEDOM.


- The HOT LIST –The music that is moving you right now! It displays your current song, the last song you listened to, and the next two! SHARE it via Twitter or Facebook.

- The Musik Freedom Queue plays in direct cooperation with all other music lists, playlists, albums, DRM files and Music Videos on the iPad.

- DRM SUPPORT!* Musik Freedom allows you to play your DRM (Digital Rights Managed) files along with all of your other music and your MUSIC VIDEOS.


- AIRPLAY SUPPORT! Move your music video party to any airplay supported entertainment system or Apple TV.

- INTRODUCING SONG RATINGS! - Utilize ratings such as G, PG, R and Explicit to control your audio playback. Musik Freedom will only play songs at the rating level you deem acceptable. Perfect in mixed company.

- INTRODUCING 3Peat! - One button and the app repeats your song/video up to 3 times.


- INTRODUCING: The urDJ (TM) Tool! Select any combination of Artist, Genre or existing playlist. Limit the search further by choosing BPM range (tempo) and minimum song length. (Just in case you want to skip intros and skits). Generate a whole new playlist that can be saved for later use.

- INTRODUCING Social Musik DJ (TM)* Companion App. Free upcoming Social Musik DJ app: Allow your friends with iOS devices to check-in as Social DJs and help "vote" songs on your iPad they would like to hear next. More votes allow the songs to be bumped up into the Hot List! - Remote control via Social DJ. Check in as Main DJ, and remote control your iPad.

- The Musik Freedom queue can be managed in real-time. Songs can be added, deleted, and moved around at will.

- Drop any song directly in to play next, or pile them in one behind each other. - Add All Songs from any playlist, artist or album, or "remove all" those song from what you're currently listening to, while leaving everything else how it is. (songs, videos, DRM files).

- View your music in Cover Flow, List View or Grid View. Sort different views by song, playlist, album, or artist.

-22 EQ Presets are accessible at all times.

- 10 Band Parametric Graphic EQ. With this EQ control you have great control over the sound of each song. - Auto save EQ Settings per song. Each Song can have it's EQ settings saved, so when that song plays, Musik Freedom will adjust the EQ for you based on what you last set the EQ to when listening to that song. You don't have to do anything.

- 11 Band bounce meter with color adjustment automatically saves your last color choice

-Playlist Recovery- Accidentally change/delete your queue playlist, with playlist recovery you can restore the old queue with just a click.