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Zeph: Disappearing Text

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App Description

Category:Social Networking
Zeph, a new startup created to bring the same type of off-the-record conversations friends have in-person onto their phones, today announced the launch of its free app on the Apple App Store. The Zeph app allows users to send private, encrypted messages to their friends that will disappear after they have been viewed. The creators of Zeph have devised a clever way of preventing the recipient from taking a screenshot of the message on his or her phone.

"In real life, people speak freely with one another and are never really worried that their private conversations are being recorded," said Mike Vieten, Co-Founder and CEO of Zeph. "Zeph brings that free-flowing, in-person conversation onto people's phones."

Currently only available on iOS, Zeph works with any phone number and utilizes end-to-end encryption to ensure that messages cannot be read by snooping eyes. After a message has been read, it is removed from the Zeph servers permanently. Text is displayed to the recipient through the company's proprietary and patent-pending "Rolling Glow" technology, which only reveals a small portion of the message at one time. The encryption techniques used, the temporary nature of the messages, and the use of unique Rolling Glow technology all ensure that conversations will remain confidential and private.

"Most other disappearing messaging apps out there are completely vulnerable to screenshots," said Josh Hughes, Co-Founder and CTO of Zeph. "Zeph gives people the confidence to send messages to their friends without worrying about their message ending up in the wrong hands."

The creators of Zeph are looking to capitalize on the growing market for social messaging and people's increasing desire for privacy in their digital communications.

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