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About is the premiere app review & app discovery platform.

We have been in the mobile & app community since 2011 and our site has visitors from more than 100 countries.


As an authority in the app space and we are proud to celebrate our 9th year in business. As with any industry, business has to evolve and we recently re-launched our platform for both app developers and all app users.

The focus of is to bring you informative app reviews and from time-to-time mobile & tech news. It is important for app users and developers to have a pulse on what goes on in the mobile industry. Providing industry insight is something we feel is important as well. We aim to bring you a detailed prospective of apps that we feel are worth reviewing, as well as apps that have been submitted by developers. Regardless of the category, we are interested in all different types of apps. Sometimes our app reviews might be will be laced with a bit of humor, extreme enthusiasm, friendly suggestions, and just about everything in between.

The app market has reached a point of being over-saturated. With over 6 million apps available in the App Store and Google Play alone, most apps will go under the radar. Users are more inclined to download apps that they read/heard about, discovery via search for most app developers is impossible. We hope will help make the app discovery process easier for all.