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minding – anxiety helper

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App Name: minding – anxiety helper

App Category: Health & Fitness


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App Description

Reduce stress, worry less and sleep well. Minding is a 55-day course with soothing voice recordings. It has many different meditations that cultivates calmness, enhances clarity, propagates compassion and improves focus. There are also short meditations designed for busy days. This meditation app offers daily tips to help the meditators deepen their practice and cultivate the benefits of mindfulness.

If you have problems and need help, you can contact the mindfulness coaches through the app. They will get back to you personally for guidance and suggestions, so you will be guided accordingly to ensure that you are doing the meditations correctly.

Here are the different stages in this app.

  • First Stage: Calm on Demand
  • Second Stage: The Body Scan
  • Third Stage: The Foundations of Focus
  • Fourth Stage: Exploring Memory Patterns
  • Fifth Stage: Anxiety and Stress

The best thing about this app is that the majority of the lessons are free. You can enjoy the first three stages of the app that lasts for 35 days without paying for it.

Need shorter meditations? We have meditations that last between 5 to 10 minutes which include the following:

  • Calm on the go: These meditations are always available to help you stay calm or mindful whenever you are on the go. Whether you are walking, commuting or taking a short break from work, you can always fit your meditating in with our “Calm on the go” pack.
  • Recentering: These meditations are designed for times when you’re feeling overwhelmed, or want to quickly reduce stress and inject calmness into the situation, or just make a 5-minute break in your day when your calendar is full.
  • Anxiety + Stress: This pack features the remaining two stages of the course designed to change your relationship and ultimate experience of anxiety and stress.
  • End of the day: Cultivate calmer evenings and deeper sleeps with the end of the day pack. Use these meditations to help you wind down so you can wake up each day feeling refreshed.


  • Five different meditation stages (3 stages are free)
  • IAPs with shorter 5 – 10-minute meditations
  • On the go meditation for busy days
  • Responsive support from coaches
  • Daily tips and advice
  • Allows you to track your meditation routine
  • Helps you focus more, worry less and sleep better


  • “This app has made me calmer and more focused. I am loving the advantages of my meditation and having the shorter meditations has been invaluable when time has been short. I cannot recommend this calming and informative meditation app enough.” – Lizzie Gowland
  • “I started using minding during the most stressful period of my life – preparing for my state exams. Before I started, I was experiencing constant worry, pain, stress and even depression. Meditating for 20 minutes a day with minding radically changed the way my days and eventually my life felt. Monty, thank you for your help, your meditations really saved my life.” – Teresa Hergueta
  • “I’m so happy to have found minding. The app has proved to be a friendly and useful guide and provided me with all the tools I need to develop my practice. Throughout the course, each meditation is delivered in a soothing, melodic tone which supports the development of the key principles of mindfulness; I recommend minding to people I work with who are looking to achieve the benefits of mindfulness. To date, those documented include improved sleep, increased ability to regulate emotions and enhanced well-being, I would highly recommend this app to anyone interested in achieving these outcomes”. – Dr Anna Mead

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