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Nature Soundscapes

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App Name: Nature Soundscapes

App Category: Health & Fitness


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App Description

If you’re missing the outdoors, this might be just the key. Relaxing sounds from nature include ocean, waterfall, and a few man-made sounds like fan; plus it includes a sleep timer.


From the developer: Nature Soundscapes features beautifully crafted nature and ambient audio loops. If you would like to relax with the sounds of the great outdoors, look no further.


  • 5 nature & ambient audio loops – OCEAN (waves) – RAIN – CALM (brown noise) – STREAM – WILDERNESS
  • Fully VoiceOver optimized for blind and low vision users
  • Professionally recorded audio
  • Volume oscillator
  • Sleep timer
  • Background audio
  • Minimalist design
  • 10 additional loops (available through IAP):
    • LEAVES
    • CAVE
    • OLD FAN
    • VALLEY
    • DREAM (sound machine)
    • ZEN

Additionally the app features an oscillator, a sleep timer, and background audio. The oscillator control slowly pulses the volume of the track, enhancing the soothing effects. The sleep timer will stop the audio after a selected time. This feature doesn’t have to be used to fall asleep. It is also a great solution for getting some YOU time during yoga, meditation, or simply relaxing. The background audio feature allows you to leave the app while the sounds continue to play. You can use the universal audio controls to start and stop the audio from anywhere on your device.

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