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Run The Rosary

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App Name: Run The Rosary

App Category: Music

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App Description

It’s hard some days to fit all your good habits in–for Catholics, here’s a way to combine two at once. Run the Rosary plays upbeat music along with voice recorded prayers to help you stay on track with your daily rosary prayers. And if you skip the jogging part one day, we won’t tell.

From the developer: A Catholic Rosary App based on the idea that memory is better while being active. Combining upbeat songs with voice recorded prayer audios allows Catholics to exercise and run to ingrain it into memory! Catholics struggle to practice praying the rosary every day because of how it can be easy to forget what the mystery of the day is, and even the mystery prayer itself. Run the Rosary provides a fun and easy way to get your rosary prayer in while helping your memory. You can select from voice-recorded rosary mysteries, Catholic prayers, and a variety of different tempo beats to start your jog

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