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Best Ambient Sounds Apps

Relaxing ambient sounds, white noise, pink noise, and music can be just the ticket when you’re having trouble relaxing, sleeping, or even concentrating.

Calm Radio – Music to Relax

Need a bit more calm in your life? Calm Radio gives you 500 channels of calming music, sounds, and meditations. Originally developed by multi-award winning composer Eric Ha...

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Nature Soundscapes

If you’re missing the outdoors, this might be just the key. Relaxing sounds from nature include ocean, waterfall, and a few man-made sounds like fan; plus it includes...

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Pure Nature – 3D Soundscapes

The immersive 3D binaural soundscapes in this ambient sounds app are all recorded by Lang Elliot across North America. Best experienced with over-the-ear headphones, sounds...

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Moshi: Sleep and Mindfulness

Aimed at parents with kids who just won’t fall asleep at bedtime, Moshi has over 45 hours of stories, meditations, music, and ambient sounds.

Kids can’t slee...

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Sleep Sounds by Sleep Pillow

Need some sleep? This popular app offers a sleep timer as well as an alarm clock that slowly fades up in volume.

With Sleep Pillow’s sleep sounds you’ll slee...

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