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Best New Games

Take a break, give your iPhone a workout, and have some fun with our picks for the best new iOS games.

Moonshades: Adventure RPG Game

Moonshades is a dungeon crawler role-playing game to restore the immersive atmosphere and experience of the old-school RPGs. In the Moonshades fantasy you can roam through ...

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Night in the Unpleasant House

Interactive fiction is experiencing a bit of a comeback, thanks in part to Netflix. And the title of this one caught our interest. This suspense game was created as a colla...

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The Almost Gone

This puzzle game has earned accolades including “Most Innovative” at Casual Connect and “Best Mobile Game” at the Belgian Game Awards. A puzzle game...

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We were drawn in by the smooth controls, gameplay variety, and soothing visuals. Our hero, a plucky cotton ball, shows a surprising amount of emotional resilience whether i...

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One Wheel

What could be more relaxing than riding your unicycle on a narrow bridge high in the sky, especially if you’re a zombie, a witch, or a kid? From the developer: Winner...

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Rolling Sky: Magic Tap Tiles

Simple and catchy, this hyper-casual reflex game has you tapping to the beat. A rotating playing field keeps it interesting. Very easy to pick up and learn.

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Bubble Brush

It’s all the fun of Fruit Ninja, but even messier. You may not become the next Bob Ross, swiping colors, bursting bubbles, and combining primary colors like red and b...

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We’ll admit it, we’re hooked. We can’t help it. Mix a little bit of Guitar Hero with a lot of infectious, upbeat K-Pop and you get the SuperStar GFRIEND O...

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Slay the Spire

This dungeon-crawling, card-collecting spree was already popular on desktop and gaming consoles, and has finally made it to mobile. An Android version will follow.


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